My Biggest Success Stories Share The Key Insights That Helped Them Break Through

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Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing coaches.

Sometimes I wish I could share their biggest insights with the rest of my audience.

With that in mind, I recently asked these coaches to reflect on at least one takeaway from our time working together - something that has proven especially useful for getting clients. I also asked them to give an example of how this insight has impacted their business.

Here's what they had to say...

Bryan Teare (Cape Town, South Africa)

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Greg helped me see that I don't need to have a niche when starting out, and that things like systems, etc. should only come later on in my business.

I now focus on "who would I love to connect with/help", and then reach out to those people, rather than trying to figure out my perfect niche/client avatar (it never will be).

I've secured two exciting new clients at higher rates than I've ever charged, and look forward to our sessions together.


Shaughn Koukos (Vero Beach, FL)


My biggest takeaway was that persistence is key. With that in mind, I get right back to it after every failure, learn from my mistakes and try again. This has resulted in more clients, more notoriety, and more revenue.

Something that really resonated with me during my time with Greg was “count your ‘nos’ because each ‘no’ brings you closer to a ‘yes’.”

Lana Dingwall (Ottawa, Canada)


My biggest learning has how much easier everything was when I got clear on who I serve (my niche). Greg helped me figure this out and I now apply it in my business 100% every day! I've moved from having random clients here and there, to consistently having clients I want to work with.

If you're a coach who is struggling to fill your client roster, Greg is the person to go to. I wouldn't be where I am today in my business without him.

(Note from Greg: You may wonder how this advice squares with Bryan's comment above about not needing a niche when he started out. It depends on the person and stage of business. When you start your coaching business, focusing on your niche can hold some people back because you might not be sure yet who you can best help. But once you've had a few clients, it can be really helpful to specialize so that you can make your marketing more powerful.)

Liz Traines, (Chicago, IL)


The biggest thing I've learned while working with Greg is how your mindset is everything when it comes to entrepreneurship.

I am now able to recognize the value I bring to my clients (through an enrollment and testimonial process), which helped me rationalize raising my price substantially.

Samantha Thomas (Phuket, Thailand)


Greg taught me that there is a simple structure that can be used in every enrollment call to connect the value that you offer as a coach to the needs that the client has so that you can convert more prospects into paying clients.

I've since used and practiced Greg's enrollment call structure for all of my enrollment calls and it gets easier and more natural every time I do it.

As a result, I've seen a real increase in the number of conversions I get from enrolment calls, which means I have more paying clients!

Abby Spindelman (Buffalo, NY)


Greg showed me the importance of something called "High Intention Low Attachment": Taking the right/aligned action for your business and being unattached to the outcome.

Often I get inspired ideas I want to try (programs, marketing, content, etc), but now, instead of thinking "this is gonna be awesome and super successful", I get input from my clients to better tweak it to what would serve them best.

I'm about to launch my first online group program and am approaching it as an 'experiment' or learning opportunity rather than a $10 million idea!

Another key learning from working with Greg is the difference between working in your business and working on your business. I got into this journey because I love helping people transform their relationship. The second part of building the business is something I'm learning to love because it's the tool that allows me to do more of what I REALLY love.

Robin Legat (Los Angeles, CA)


Greg helped me understand that no matter what I do or what service I provide through my business, in order to create happy clients that want to keep working with me, I must bring them the result they are seeking. This insight has helped me really figure out who I am as a fitness coach, my niche and how I want to serve them.

Furthermore, Greg didn't just help me figure out this one insight, but he explained it to me in a way that works in my retro pop culture-obsessed brain.

As a result, I created a 6-week training program tailored specifically for the Spartan Stadium Race and helped several new clients not just run their first Spartan Race, but come back to me with feedback about how positive both the training and the racing experience was for them, how awesome it made them feel, and how excited they are to keep racing and training.

Nick Snapp (Tampa, FL)


Greg helped me see that I'm much more capable than I ever dreamed I was. As a result, I'm not afraid to do anything anymore like I was before.

I've since gone on to launch several programs, a podcast and I've created clients from scratch.

Greg has amazing insight into human psychology. He knows how to extract information that we have trouble seeing ourselves. It's been an absolute pleasure working with him.