Client Story: Gemma Gilbert


Gemma Gilbert is a business coach who helps other moms create businesses that they love. She started working with me in August 2018. Here's her story...


I seriously doubted whether I would be in the right league to work with Greg, and whether he would want to work with me when I hadn't actually taken any action yet. Once we'd spoken, my only hesitation was around the cost, but it wasn't a big one.

When we started working together I was feeling super unfulfilled and frustrated in my 9-5. I was working full-time hours, but over 4 days. My team had just been restructured and I'd lost the role I loved. I felt totally powerless.

I was midway through my coaching qualification and knew I wanted to start my own business, but I felt so overwhelmed that I was sitting in inaction. I wanted to leave my 9-5, start my own business and earn enough money to support my family, whilst having flexibility to see my son.


Greg is very grounded, which in turn grounded me. This was exactly what I needed when I was in overwhelm for the first few months. He challenged me to always be better and called me out when I was relying too heavily on his support, and I appreciated that. Greg’s whole practice is based on honesty. Knowing he would always tell it to me straight made me trust him.

Greg is committed, laser-focussed, and has his shit together. His business is founded on integrity and this comes across in everything he does. Greg will share everything he’s learnt, from ideas to process to templates - he doesn’t hold back.


During the program I enrolled 4 paid clients. I quit my 9-5 within a month of starting work with Greg. I made more money in my first part-time month from my business than I did working in a full-time month of my job. 

I now have such a solid foundation to build a business on. From the coaching, to the trainings, to the mastermind, I have gotten so much value from the 6 months Greg and I worked together. I now know exactly what I need to do going forward.

I’m thinking bigger, always looking to innovate, and I know that if something scares me, I should probably do it. My confidence has doubled, I doubt myself less, and mindset blocks don't seem to floor me quite so often!

I'd 100% recommend Greg and his services to anyone looking for discipline and focus in their practice (I don't think you'd find anyone better than Greg for this!). I’d also recommend him for anyone struggling to convert clients. And I’d recommend him for anyone that wants a coach to partner with to help them build their empire.

You can learn more about Gemma at

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