Client Story: Tamara Kemper


Tamara Kemper is a consultant who helps businesses scale up through better back-end processes. She started working with me in July 2018. Here's her story...

The Catalyst

My biggest fear about working with Greg was that I was going to spend all that money and then not get results. But I also knew that I was going to have to close my business at the end of the year if things didn't turn around drastically from a financial perspective.

The Experience

I trusted Greg 100% and it was great not having to think about whether something would work. He never made me do things that felt icky or sleazy in order to sell...he used my natural ways of being and helped me get the most out of them.

Greg validated my business model, which was something I needed. Part of me felt like I was an idiot and my business was a terrible idea. Having Greg help me think through my business model and optimize it helped me realize that I was providing a really valuable service. That gave me confidence and made me believe in myself and my business more than I had before.

The Breakthrough

During the 6 months I worked with Greg, I made 277% more money than I had made in the preceding 6 months. I made back my entire investment in his coaching program by the end of the first month.

I would definitely recommend Greg’s coaching to anyone who is excited to do the day-to-day work but needs some direction, support, and a bit of a shove from time-to-time. He practices what he preaches. He cares a whole hell of a lot about the humans he works with and helping them reach their goals.

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