Before You Schedule Your Session...

Please make sure that you understand what this is and who it's for. Demand for these sessions typically outpaces the supply, so it's important to me that I honor my time and yours. Here are some things you should know before signing up:

What this Is

  • An opportunity for you to get clarity around where you are right now in your business, where you want to go in the next 6-12 months, and what exactly is holding you back
  • An opportunity for us to create an action plan together to get you more clients (If it turns out we are a good fit to work together, this may include me offering you one of my programs. If not, your next steps will be something else entirely)

What This Is NOT

  • A chance for you to get everything in your business magically fixed for free
  • A 90-minute sales pitch

Who This Is For

  • Talented coaches, especially those who provide a personal transformation in the lives of their clients
  • People who have a track record of success and understand the value of getting an outside perspective
  • People who haven't had a strategy session with me before (if you have, shoot me an email update and we'll go from them)

Who This is NOT for

  • People who sell primarily to corporations or who don't provide coaching at all
  • People who are victims or who haven't worked with any paid clients yet
  • People who have already had a strategy session with me before (please reach out directly if things have changed and you'd like to sign up for a program)

Why I'M Doing This

  • I've been where you are and I care about you being able to give your gifts (these sessions are some of my favorite things to do in my business)
  • If it turns out that we both want to work together, that will be exciting too

If this still feels like a fit for you, I'd love to have a conversation about what's working in your business and what's not. Just click the button below and sign up: