Client Story: Abby Spindelman

Abby Spindelman specializes in helping people bring more intimacy to their relationships. She joined my 8-week group coaching program in January 2017. Here's her story...

The Catalyst

When I came to Greg I had been working at my business for six months without any paid clients (doing a lot of free coaching to build testimonials), but feeling like I was missing what would actually work. I was starting to question my choice of quitting my day job to follow my heart in business.

My biggest hesitation was that I didn't have another stream of income to offset the cost of the program. If I didn't get clients while enrolled it would be a big risk. So, it was a big investment. I also wasn't sure about being able to implement the tools in a way that got results - I saw Greg's case studies that showed past success, but wasn't sure that I would be another success story.


Once I signed up I felt like I had just overextended my finances and I needed to start hustling! But after our first one or two sessions I felt like I really could trust Greg to have my best interests in mind. His program is a place to share your true desires, get useful tools to implement, and take steps towards making your dreams a reality.

I would absolutely recommend working with Greg. He is knowledgeable, honest, and genuine as well as encouraging and direct. He knows how to read each person while he's coaching so that he can offer feedback in a way that resonates with them.

What I enjoyed most was the structure, patience and dynamic pace of the program. Greg has tons of useful content, gave us plenty of time for specific questions, and helped encourage us to keep going when we hit walls.


Since I started working with Greg I enrolled my first 5 clients (for a total of $5,820), held two successful workshops (on Desire and self-care), attended a networking event that doubled my email list size, and got more comfortable having enrollment conversations with potential clients.

Since I started working with Greg I enrolled my first 5 clients (for a total of $5,820)
— Abby Spindelman, Intimacy Advisor (Buffalo, NY)

I'm less in fear mode for my business (wondering if I've made the right choice to go off on my own) and more excited to explore what works and what doesn't on my path to serve my clients.

The most important thing people should know about working with Greg? Just do it if you want to grow your coaching business. He's a valuable coach and an awesome person!

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