Hi, I'm Greg Faxon.


I help entrepreneurs master their relationship with fear so that they can unleash their potential in life and business.


But we'll get to that in a minute...

First, I want to talk about you

You are a self-starter.

You have a strong bias for adventure.

On the outside, you appear successful.

But you and I both know that there's more out there.


This is your call to dig deep.

To tap into your desire and look fear in the face.

To finally uncover the work you want to do in the world.

And then to do it. Brilliantly.

3 things you should know

1. My coaching is not for everyone.

I only work with doers. Most of them are already successful entrepreneurs, small business owners or solo-professionals. Others are transitioning out of corporate work and creating something new for themselves.

All of my clients are committed to making a bigger impact.

And all of them inspire me.

2. My coaching consists of powerful conversations.

That's it. There is no script and there are no rules. Everything I do is tailor-made for the person I'm working with in that moment: you.

Sometimes, my coaching will be "high-flame" and intense. Other times it will be "low-flame" and gentle.

I will offer you new perspectives and insights that shift your view of the world. I will help you take action on the things that scare you most. And if you do the work, you will see results.

3. My coaching requires more than just time or money.

It also requires energy. And bravery.

I will be honest with you, sometimes brutally so. I'll say things to you that others won't. This will make you uncomfortable. It will also make you grow.

My job is to serve you, not to please you. And I serve with my whole heart.

Ready to get in touch?

I only take on a few select clients at a time and all of them go through a careful screening process first. When you are ready to explore working together, please contact me by clicking the "Let's Talk" button below:

Want to learn more? You can read my full story here.