How To Use Live Events To Get Coaching Clients: An Interview With Patsy Culp

In an industry like coaching, where more and more of the marketing is happening online, there's one strategy that really stands out when it comes to getting clients...

Hosting and attending live events.

If you've ever wondered what it takes to put together one of these events, you're going to want to watch the interview I did with Patsy Culp of And Celebrate.

I recently hired Patsy to help me put together my own live event later this year. In the interview, we go behind the scenes of what we've been working on and show you how to best utilize live events in your business - even if your just getting started.

Check it out here:


[1:28] Why you should be using live events as part of your marketing strategy no matter what stage of business you're in

[6:27] The different "levels" of live event marketing (hint: you don't have to host one yourself in order to get clients)

[9:17] How to get people to actually attend your live event

[11:32] Patsy's "4 Ps" of creating a live event, including how to think about pricing

[17:45] How to use your event as a way to get high-end clients without being pushy or turning your event into a pitch-fest

[23:00] What information to give away in a live event versus what to save for your private clients

[25:30] Why the key to a great niche is combining your coaching skills with another area of expertise

[31:09] Why "styling" is so important and how to align the look and feel of your live event with your overall brand

[34:30] The minimum amount of time you need to leave when planning a live event

[34:30] Exactly what to focus on and have in place during the event itself

[42:25] The difference between selling coaching and selling a live event

[45:17] An inside peek into the process Patsy and I have been going through to plan my live event in the fall (plus, the secret to finding a great name for your event)