3 Not-So-Obvious Reasons To Leap Before You're Ready

I've never written a perfect intro.

And I'm not about to start now.

Here are three reasons to let go of perfection and finally put your work into the world:

1. You Learn Way Faster

School taught you to over-prepare. To study as much as you could and show up to the test 100% ready.

If you only have one chance to be graded, this strategy makes total sense.

But what if you were allowed to take the exact same test as many times as you wanted?

You'd take the test early and often, right?

In business, we're allowed to take the test as many times as we want. Entrepreneurship rewards people who test themselves before they are 100% ready. It also rewards people who learn from their mistakes.

Most people aren't brave enough to do this. They aren't willing to risk making the wrong choice and failing. It takes them twice as long to learn the right way of doing things and succeed.

As an entrepreneur, you need to embrace the idea of deliberate practice: that it's not only about how many hours you put in, but also how much feedback you get (and what you do with it).

2. You Become More Relatable

Your customers and clients don't actually want you to be perfect all the time. They want you to be vulnerable.

Here's a quote from Brené Brown's TED Talk about the power of vulnerability:

"I know it’s seductive to stand outside the arena, because I think I did it my whole life, and think to myself, I’m going to go in there and kick some ass when I’m bulletproof and when I’m perfect. And that is seductive. But the truth is that never happens. And even if you got as perfect as you could and as bulletproof as you could possibly muster when you got in there, that’s not what we want to see. We want you to go in. We want to be with you and across from you. And we just want, for ourselves and the people we care about and the people we work with, to dare greatly."

When you try to be perfect, it actually pushes others away. People want to see your flaws, feel your heart, and know that you're human.

3. You May Never Be Ready

The final reason to act before you're ready is because that day may never come.

If you don't give yourself permission to be imperfect, you're less likely to follow through on the things that matter. And unlike in school, there's no deadline to hold you accountable.

That means you could work on your novel/business/blog for years and never release it.

By the time you work up the courage to leap, it might be too late.

Scott Dinsmore knew this. He died last week on Kilimanjaro. Scott was fiercely committed to helping people do their highest work and he left no stone unturned in the process.

Waiting for perfection is selfish. There are people out there who need what you create. And there are people like Scott who can't create any more.

Don't let them down.