How To Become A Truly Masterful Coach: An Interview With Toku McCree

It doesn't matter how good your marketing is if you don't know how to deliver value to your coaching clients.

This week I sat down with Toku McCree. Toku is a co-founder the Samurai Coaching Dojo, a virtual incubator for coaches to practice and develop the art of deep coaching.

Here's why I wanted to share our conversation with you...

I've noticed that most coaches fall into one of two groups: they're either totally focused on improving their coaching skills, or they're totally focused on growing their business and getting clients. But the truth is, you need to focus on both areas.

So - if you want to learn how to become a better coach (not just a better marketer), you'll want to watch our interview together. 

Check it out:


[1:24] Toku's first experience working with a marketing coach and how he built a 6-figure coaching business within his first 12 months

[2:41] Why the best marketing tactics won't work until you get one thing fixed first

[3:36] How to know if it's too early to think about how you market your service and why your job as a coach is never done

[5:38] The SPOTFIRE method for applying the concept of deliberate practice to becoming a better coach

[10:43] How to find the balance between working on your weaknesses and doubling down on your strengths as a coach

[20:53] The 4-step Coaching Canvas (a.k.a the 4 components of any powerful coaching session)

[28:54] How to take the reason people hire you and apply it to how you do your coaching

[33:37] Toku's thoughts on getting certified and the one thing that equals death for your business

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