How to Get Clients In 30 Minutes A Day

If you want to get coaching clients consistently, you must be consistent with your marketing efforts.

You don't need to search for the newest or most effective tactics out there and you don't need to spend hours and hours each day. As long as you're consistently doing things that have been proven to work, you'll eventually make a great living as a coach.

The key is to avoid distraction, stay organized, and actually make forward progress.

So, what works when it comes to getting clients? And how can you create a list of daily goals that can be checked off in just 30 minutes?

That's exactly what we're going to cover in this article. Let's dive in.

The 3 Pillars Of A Successful Coaching Businesses

There are lots of different tactics you can use to get clients, but they all fall into one of three main areas (I call this my 3C Marketing System):

1. Captivate. These are the things you do to attract and hold the attention of your ideal clients. For example: speaking at networking events or answering questions in Facebook groups made up of your ideal clients can help you capture their attention.

2. Convert. Once you have someone's attention, how are you going to turn that potential client into a paying one? While we like to think that someone will learn about what we do and immediately want to pay us, this is rarely the case.

3. Coach. You may think the marketing is over once you get a new client. On the contrary, you need to make sure that the client is successful and then you need to turn that success into more clients by obtaining case studies and referrals.

It's important to balance your efforts across all three areas. For example, if you're great at captivating and coaching but don't have a strategy for conversion, you'll end up a "broke celebrity." Lots of fans and not enough clients.

What about if you're consistently converting and coaching clients, but you aren't able to capture and hold the attention of enough people? This is how you end up the "best kept secret" in your industry. Could be worse, but your impact is limited.

And if you're able to captivate and convert effectively but fall short when it comes to the coaching experience? Worst case, you'll develop the reputation of "scam artist." Best case, your marketing will never get easier because every client that comes in will go right back out.

How To Create Your Daily Marketing Checklist

Now that you've learned my 3C Marketing System, it's time to choose some tactics that you can be consistent with.

Since there are basically unlimited tactics for getting clients, I've narrowed it down to ones that work best for the majority of coaches. I've also included a long-term asset for each category. Assets are not daily habits but pieces of marketing collateral that you can create once and keep using forever.


Networking in-person or online. Search for groups serving your niche on, Eventbrite and Facebook. Then find a way to add value and answer questions, whether as an official speaker or a normal participant. Also consider creating your own Facebook group or Meetup so that you can be the leader.

Building your audience through epic content. Choose a medium that you enjoy (Facebook Live, YouTube, Blogging, Podcasting) and put out an epic piece of content once a week - or put out smaller pieces of content daily on social media. If your audience is still small, focus on leveraging other people's platforms through guest posting and podcasting.

[Long-term asset] Creating your irresistible freebie. In order to make the most of the attention that you're getting through your content and connections, make sure you have a free PDF or other "lead magnet" that you can give away in exchange for people's email addresses. This allows you to build credibility and continue following up. The best freebies are usually short cheat sheets or checklists that give your potential clients a quick win (here's one of my freebies as an example).


Offering strategy sessions. This is hands down the fastest and easiest way to convert potential clients into paid ones. If you know someone who would benefit from what you offer, invite them directly into a Strategy Session with you. You can also create an offer that you send out to your social media network or email list as a whole (here's an example of one such offer).

Running webinars and live workshops. At some point in your coaching journey you may decide to create webinars or live workshops in order to get clients. This can be incredibly effective, but they do take a lot of work to develop and promote. Start by offering strategy session to your warm network first. When you're ready, here's an example of one of my webinars.

[Long-term asset] Creating your application page. When you're just getting started, you won't have as much demand for these Strategy Sessions. But overtime, you'll start to get clearer on who you can best help and you'll want to screen people. Not only does this help you weed out the wrong people, it also shows the right people that you are picky and gives them an opportunity to go deeper with you (here's my application page as an example).


Generating testimonials and referrals. Obviously the best way to do this is to focus on providing as much value as possible to each client. The best type of testimonial is the one you get right when your client has achieved a big milestone. For example, if they text you with a win you can ask their permission to share it on social media. This is also a great time to ask for referrals. Simply ask if they know anyone else who you could help.

Reach out personally to current and past clients. Check in on their progress, send them a resource, and see if there's anything you can do to help. This type of personal touch not only provides a better client experience, it also can lead to new business.

[Long-term asset] Creating your signature system. Once you've worked with a few clients, you'll start to notice common themes. Certain people will be coming to you wanting to accomplish certain things, and you may find that there is a set of steps that they all go through. If you can start to document your approach, it will make it easier to sell your service and also to create group programs and courses.

Now It's Your Turn

We've covered the 3C Marketing System and I've given you a couple of tactics and a long-term asset for each.

What I suggest you do now is focus on accomplishing one thing in each area of your marketing every day.

Alternatively, you can batch your days and focus on doing multiple things in one area on different days of the week.

Whatever you decide, make sure that you're setting the bar low in terms of how much marketing you hope to accomplish each day. 30 minutes of focused work is a great place to start. That way you can stay consistent over the long term.

To make this easy for you, I've put together a one page PDF that has everything we talked about today in checklist form.

The beauty of this checklist is that you'll know how much is "enough." It's easy to feel constantly behind or lazy even if you're actually doing well with your marketing. Checking off the boxes everyday gives you a sense of momentum and structure.

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