How To Start A Coaching Business

(Even If You Don't Know Your Niche Yet)

If you're not sure exactly what type of coaching business to create, I've put together a free resource guide to get you started. It's called the True North Toolkit.

Here are some of the resources you'll receive in your toolkit:

  • The Strengths Test - Discover your greatest character strengths so that you can start applying them to the business you want to build.

  • 20 Questions To Pinpoint Your Passion - Hone in the things you love to do so you can get clarity on the type of business you're best suited for.

  • Your Gift to the World Checklist - Translate your gifts into a great income by making sure that people will pay you for what you provide.

This toolkit is perfect for coaches who are interested in a lot of different things and are having trouble focusing it all into a single niche or business.

Click the button below to get access: