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Here's What My Clients Have Achieved:



Eddie got 8 new clients and went from charging $150 per session to charging $500+ per month.


Patrick got clear on his offering, boosted his confidence as an entrepreneur, and got 3 paying clients. 


Daniel honed in on his niche and increased his rates from $250 to $550 per month. 


Liz got clear on her ideal client, grew her social media following, and signed 5 new clients. 


Karyn improved her enrollment strategy, grew her audience, and signed a new client on the spot. 


Marta overcame her limiting beliefs, started her coaching business, and got her first two paying clients.


"I was able to secure six new coaching clients! I would not have been able to do this without the tools and strategies I learned from Greg, along with the confidence I gained through his support."

My vision is more focused since I've been working with Greg. I have a greater understanding of who I am as a fitness trainer and coach, who I'm looking to serve, and what I'd like to help them accomplish. I'm finding my voice and, as a result, I can focus on finding my ideal clients and serve them in the best possible way.

-Robin Legat, Fitness Trainer & Coach (Los Angeles, California)

"As a result of my work with Greg I zeroed in on what to do, I secured two paying clients, I started a podcast and my momentum is building."

The best part of working with Greg is the challenges he gives. Working with Greg has helped me be a better coach and given me the gut check I need to decipher whether I’m working on the RIGHT things. Greg is good at asking the right questions at the right times. I would recommend him to entrepreneurs who are driven to be #1 and have the ability to invest.

-Nick Snapp, Productivity Strategist (Tampa, Florida)

"As a result of working with Greg, I increased my rates by 300% - woah! I paid for the program with my new clients who signed up for 3 and 6 month programs with me."

"I would recommend Greg to other coaches and entrepreneurs because he knows how personal a business can be and he encourages businesses to grow in such an authentic way. There is no loss of integrity in the business mission when growing and making more money. Perhaps even more integrity!!"

-Liz Traines, Holistic Health Coach (Chicago, Illinois)

"Since working with Greg, I signed my first coaching clients. The investment I proposed to them was much higher than I would have been confident to ask for before we began working together."

"With Greg as my coach I was able to expand my high level vision of what The Business of Performing will be, while simultaneously focusing on the practical 'next step' actions that attracted my first paid clients."

-Matthew Carey, Founder at The Business of Performing (Melbourne, Australia)

"As a result of working with Greg I recorded a video for the first time, refined my niche, updated my website, reached out to my lists, enrolled 2 new clients, had a new marketing message, and started putting together a new opt-in."

"Greg is really good at what he does! He’s caring but at the same time he challenges me to go outside of my comfort zone."

-Annie Huang, Relationship Coach (Brisbane, Australia)

"I have signed 2 new clients and made $1,600 since I started working with Greg."

"He really helps coaches move forward in their business and create momentum. He really cares about his clients and wants them to succeed. Greg has a fantastic blend of super practical tips and tools that you can use as well as the deeper work around mindset and the inner game that really helps you break through. I will recommend him to any service provider I know who is looking to grow their business and get more clients."

-Samantha Thomas, Life Coach (Sydney, Australia)

"After just 4 weeks in his program I enrolled my first 3 paid clients at $500 per month."

"After the first one or two sessions, I knew that this was going to be a great program for me. Greg helped me reframe my outlook on sales and that made a huge impact on me. The best part of the program was the confidence and knowledge I gained. I am more focused and productive now. Greg has given me the structure, confidence, knowledge and techniques I could have never gotten from reading 100 books."

-Shaughn Koukos, Weight-Loss Coach (Vero Beach, Florida)

"Since I started working with Greg I enrolled my first 5 clients (for a total of $5,820)..."

"...held two successful workshops (on Desire and self-care), attended a networking event that doubled my email list size, and got more comfortable having enrollment conversations with potential clients. I'm less in fear mode for my business (wondering if I've made the right choice to go off on my own) and more excited to explore what works and what doesn't on my path to serve my clients. The most important thing people should know about working with Greg? Just do it if you want to grow your coaching business. He's a valuable coach and an awesome person!"

-Abby Spindelman, Relationship Coach (Buffalo, New York)

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