Here Are My Favorite Resources:

I was hesitant to create this page originally, because I know that people often search for tools as a way of hiding from the real work. My hope is that this list will save you time and help you be more decisive so that you can focus on becoming the best at what you do. Please don't use it to creatively avoid...


  •* - Proprietary software coupled with your own team of personal bookkeepers. Since I'm not very detail oriented, and hate doing my own financials, this was my first major outsourcing move in my business - and it should probably be yours too. I also use them for my taxes (they can pair you with a CPA if you want).

  • MileIQ* - Tracks your mileage automatically via mobile app and helps you distinguish personal versus business drives. This makes it easy for you to get your highest possible deduction at tax time and keeps clean records in case you were ever audited.

Email Marketing

  • Mailchimp - I've been with these guys since the beginning, and I can't say enough good things about them. Very intuitive interface and free for your first 2,000 subscribers. I've messed around with more fancy providers like Ontraport, but found it to be clunky and decided that it was overkill for what I needed in my business. Don't go down that rabbit hole unless absolutely necessary.

  • ConvertKit - Upgrade to this from Mailchimp once you've reached your first 1000-2000 subscribers. It will be much easier to segment your lists and deliver personal communications to your subscribers.


  • Evernote* - My second brain. Evernote is a digital filing cabinet for all of your thoughts, clippings, and ideas. It stores everything securely in the cloud and makes it so that you never have to take notes in Word ever again (thank the lord). Thanks to Evernote, I barely even have folders on my hard drive anymore.

  • Things - This is my favorite to-do list and project management app. I've tried many through the years, but Things beats them all in terms of simplicity. I immediately discard any time management system that requires substantial amounts of time to manage. Things allows me to get tasks out of my head and into categories so that I can focus on creativity.

  • Calendly - The best, most beautiful scheduling app on the market in my option. And it's free if you only need to offer one type of appointment (although I pay for the premium version and offer different lengths). This syncs with my existing calendar, saves me hours each week, and is easily one of the most important important technology outsource I have.

  • SelfControl - Blocks incoming emails, Facebook, whatever is distracting you. I'm all about exercising self-discipline, but sometimes it's easier to just create an environment where you can't be tempted. I've used SelfControl since college and it's one of my biggest weapons agains creative avoidance. Free download, mac only.


  • Byword - A super-clean interface for writing blog posts, emails, books, etc.


  • Crowdcast* - this is the best platform I've found for hosting engaging webinars.


  • Goodreads - Here's where I track all of the books that I read. If you click the link, you can see which books I've rated most highly. Consider signing up if you are trying to develop a reading habit and want an easy way to monitor your progress.


  • Canva - Hands down the easiest way I've found to design social media graphics, newsletter headers, even logos. If you really need a professional designer, go find one. If all you need is something visual that looks good, use Canva. Free for regular use and stores everything in the cloud.


  • Insight Timer - This is my favorite meditation app for one reason: the guided meditations by Tara Brach. Sure, you can also set a timer with start and end bells, but if you're just a beginner I highly recommend searching her name and going from there.


  • UberConference - Free conference calling. I've used this for previous cohorts of my group coaching programs, but have since migrated to Zoom (see below).

  • Zoom - Makes it easy to host and record a group video conference. Just create a meeting, share the link via email, and hit record. The reason I switched from UberConference is because I found that people were more engaged and connected when they could see each other live.


  • Typeform - Love this product. For a long time the leader in surveys and forms was SurveyMonkey, but they haven't done a good job updating their design and user interface. Typeform lets me create beautiful application and feedback forms for my coaching programs. It keeps all of the responses in a spreadsheet, which I've found to be an excellent source of market research when I refine my offerings or develop new ones.


  • Squarespace - My number one resource if you want a website. Just like email, people can easily get lost in the black whole of CRMs and domains and web hosting. Wordpress is fine, but has way too many options to get lost in. Squarespace makes it easy to create and customize a beautiful website so that you can focus on the actual work of your business. I've been with them since day one and haven't outgrown them yet.

*Full transparency: A star indicates an affiliate link. This means that if you purchase paid versions of this product/service, I do receive a small amount of compensation in the form of credit. It won't cost you anything extra (in some cases you'll actually get a discount), but it will help support my work. Please know that I only recommend resources that I've used and that I love.