Journal Entry: Weeks 13-14 (Epic Video Tour Of My New Home Office)

I’m a total geek when it comes to my home office.

Actually, I’m kind of nerdy about optimizing all of the spaces I spend time in.

A lot of people underestimate the effect our environment has on our productivity, energy, and overall mood.

Most full-time coaches spend 8+ hours in their offices. So it’s worth putting some extra intention into that room.

If you want to see what my home office looks like, and learn which items I consider essential, check out this week’s journal entry:

What happened:

Set up my new home office. I moved to Burlington, VT with my wife Emma and we’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting settled. Yesterday I finally unpacked the last of my boxes and got everything set up in the new home office. I’m really pleased with how everything came out.

Here are some of the essential items that I mention in the above video:

Click here to see the full list of tools I use in my coaching business.

Got a new fitness coaching client. He was referred by one of my existing clients. In my last journal entry I talked about the importance of sending gifts to your clients as a way to surprise and delight them. Well, the day that my gift was delivered to that client, he connected me with his best friend for a strategy session. Coincidence? I think not. Reciprocity is a powerful thing, and gift giving keeps you top of mind.

Did a photoshoot…shirtless. I’d had this shoot planned for a few weeks beforehand, and dieted pretty intensely to prepare for it. For better or for worse, a big part of my credibility as a fitness coach comes down to how I look. Plus, I need some photos for the website. The shoot went great and I’m excited to share some of the photos when they come back from the photographer. Emma and I went out for tacos and margaritas afterwards to celebrate. Delicious.

Put together an epic new blog post. I wrote an article about how to feel good naked that outlines my signature system for helping clients. I also included a visual representation of the system. My hope is that this article will attract new people to me and also make it easier to close potential clients by showing them what we would be working on together. The next step, since my new site doesn’t get a lot of traffic at this point, is to figure out how I can best distribute the article.

Reached out to old friends and clients. It’s always a good idea to harness the power of your warm network, especially when you’re getting started. I actually have a spreadsheet that I use to track all of my key connections. It includes their names, contact info, significant details, and when I last reached out to them. I like to ask them questions about how things are going, and then when they ask me I talk about the work I’m doing with clients. This keeps me top of mind for my network - I want to be the guy people think of whenever someone they know needs help around fitness.

What I learned:

More expensive doesn’t always mean better. I spoke with two different photographers before scheduling my photoshoot. One of them charged $3,500 for a full day of shooting. The other charged $500 for 2 hours of shooting. Even though the more expensive photographer is a personal friend and past customer of mine, I just couldn’t justify spending that much on photography at this stage of the new business. My perspective is that even if the photos had been 7x better, it wouldn’t have affected my bottom line. After choosing the $500 photographer and doing the shoot, I believe I made the right decision. She did a great job and I got plenty of photos out of it.

What I’ll focus on next:

On-boarding my new client. We have our first call later today. Given that this client came as a result of good on-boarding for my other client, I want to keep over-delivering. I’ve already sent some funny motivational mugs in the mail for him and his wife (you can get $10 off by using this link*). The next step is to design his program and then start celebrating his small wins.

Distributing the blog post. As I mentioned, you can’t just write a blog post on your own website when you start out and expect to get new visitors. My assistant has been working on a list of potential guest blogs and podcasts that serve my target market. So I’ll probably reach out to some of those next week and/or start promoting the article on social media.

Continuing reach-outs to my network. I’m going to continue sending emails to people I know and ask how they’re doing. It’s a good thing to do regardless of how badly you need clients, and you never know where those connections will lead.

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