Journal Entry: Week 8 (One Weird Thing I Do To Increase Client Loyalty)

Here's what happens when you put more intention into getting clients than you do into your customer experience...

You'll constantly churn through new clients, no one will stay on with you past your initial agreements, and you won't get very many referrals.

Sounds great, right?

Today I want to share something I've been doing for years to improve the customer experience and increase client loyalty.

Let's dive in...

What happened this week:

Completed Bootcamp. This week I worked through the final module in Coaching Business Bootcamp, which is all about Client Loyalty. This is one of my favorite modules of the course because it shows you how to grow your business organically. We go over things like how to design a perfect intake form, how to create case studies for your website, and how to make the coaching experience more personal.

Made my clients into superheroes. Each time I get a new client, I ask for their favorite superhero in the intake form. Then I send their response over to a freelancer with a headshot of my client and he creates a caricature of them as their favorite superhero. Finally, I print these out and mail them to each of my clients with a personal letter. Watch this week's video to find out what I include in those letters:

What I learned this week:

You can make a lot of progress in 8 weeks! When I started doing these journal entries a couple of months ago, all I had was an idea. No website, no clients, no credibility in the fitness niche. Now I have a full roster of clients that I love and who are paying me well for my coaching.

Here are some stats from the last 8 weeks:

  • Complimentary strategy sessions conducted: 20

  • Number of people I offered my coaching to: 9

  • Number of new fitness coaching clients: 5

  • Length of those initial contracts: 3 months

  • Total value of those contracts, including payment plans: $6,750

  • Actual revenue collected to date: $4,300

  • Total hours spent on fitness business (not including journal entries or calls): 15

I find that a lot of people get very intimidated by their marketing. They feel like they have to spend hours every day just to make progress. But what I realized yesterday is that even if you just spend 30 minutes every weekday on getting clients, and you do that for 6 months, that's 50 total hours that you've spent on your marketing.

What could you accomplish if you were able to create that sort of consistency?

What I'll focus on next week:

Pressing pause on the journal entries. I've made the conscious choice to hold off on building some longer term assets for the new business (website, content, lead magnet, etc.) so that I can focus on two things: coaching my existing clients and creating an amazing experience at my upcoming event, Foster Your Roster.

While it's generally best to continue marketing even while you have a full client roster, I also have to be ruthless about my priorities now that I have two businesses. I've put a time on the calendar after my live event to revisit marketing for Enough Fitness.

Thanks so much for following along over these last 8 weeks! If you missed any of my journal entries, I've listed them all here for you: