Journal Entry: Week 7 (What Type Of Lead Magnet Should You Create?)

If you don't have a compelling "lead magnet" on your website, you're missing out on potential coaching clients.

A lead magnet is basically a free PDF, cheat sheet, ebook, or quiz that you can offer in exchange for someone's email address. That way, when you have spots open on your roster or you're launching a new group offering, you'll have a collection of warm leads who are ready to go.

Technically a "free newsletter" serves the same purpose but let's be one really gets excited about a free newsletter anymore.

So: how do you decide what your lead magnet should be?

In today's journal entry and video, I'm going to share with you what's worked best for me and my clients. I'll also give you some examples of good lead magnets.

Let's dive in...

What happened this week:

Focused on coaching my clients. That's the dream, right? When you decide that you're only going to take on a certain amount of clients, and then you hit that goal (like I did last week), you get to put your primary focus on serving those people.

Decided what lead magnet to create. Of course, you never want to forget about marketing all together. That's how you end up with feast and famine cycles in your business. This week I worked through the Audience Building module in Coaching Business Bootcamp. Watch the video below to see how I decided which lead magnet to create for my new business:

What I learned this week:

I don't have a lot of time for this new business. Now that I have a full roster of fitness coaching clients, I'm going to have to spend most of my time serving them versus creating content or working on the new website. Right now my main focus needs to be on my current business and the live event we're running this September. Once that event is over I'll be able to devote more time to Enough Fitness.

What I'll focus on next week:

Completing the final week of Bootcamp. The last module of Bootcamp is all about Client Loyalty. It focuses on create a great experience for your clients so that you can generate case studies and referrals. This is something that most marketing people don't talk about but it's the key to making sure your business can grow organically over time.