Journal Entry: Week 6 (How To Choose A Name For Your Coaching Business)

Have you ever wondered how to choose a good name for your coaching business?

A lot of people say you shouldn't worry too much about your name. But the truth is, the right name can go a long way towards helping position you as the top coach in your specialty.

A common question I get is whether you should brand your coaching business with your own name (e.g. or whether you should create a separate brand name.

I'll answer that question and more in this week's journal entry.

Let's get into it...

What happened this week:

Filled my client roster. I got my 5th paid coaching client this week, which brings me to a full roster for this round. I'll likely have some spots open up a few months from now when my existing clients finish up their 3 month package.

Created a name for my new business. The name of my new fitness coaching business is ... drumroll please ... Enough Fitness. I'm really excited about this name and I think it does a good job highlighting what will make the business stand out. Watch the video below to see how I arrived at that name and what my positioning statement is for the new brand:

What I learned this week:

The best names come to you spontaneously. Before I came up with Enough Fitness, I had spent a lot of time looking up words related to fitness and trying to use my logical mind to come up with a good name. Enough Fitness popped into my head when I was doing something totally unrelated and I knew that it had potential.

What I'll focus on next week:

Continuing to serve my new clients. Never forget about this! Your paid clients are always your number one priority. Then comes marketing and sales.

Audience building. The next week of Coaching Business Bootcamp is all how to put out content and grow your audience. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my thoughts around fitness and hone in on my unique angle.