Journal Entry: Week 5 (The 3 Most Important Things To Do When You Get A New Client)

What should you do when you get a new coaching client to make sure that you knock it out of the park with that person?

We do so much work to market ourselves and put ourselves out there, but the real work starts when you get a client. That's when you need to focus on supporting that person so that your business can grow off of referrals and case studies.

In this week's video, I'm going to share the three things you need to do by the end of your first coaching session with a new client.

I'll also give you an update on how my new fitness coaching business is going.

Let's dive in:

What happened this week:

Had 4 more strategy sessions. Most of these were with friends who I didn't want to work with long term, but I did end up proposing my coaching to one person. He was a No, so I'm still at 4/5 clients on my roster at the moment. I have more strategy sessions coming up next week though so I'm not worried about hitting my goal of 5.

Worked with new clients. This week I had sessions with three of my new fitness coaching clients (along with clients from my existing business). I'm really happy with the progress everyone has been making. Watch the video below to see what I do with each new client to make sure that they have the greatest chance of success:

What I learned this week:

Stress is a huge factor in weight gain/loss. I was already aware of this in theory, but now that I'm working with real clients I learning how big of an impact stress really has for the people I'm attracting (driven people who care about succeeding in their careers). I'm looking forward to seeing what works best for these clients in terms of stress management.

What I'll focus on next week:

Positioning. These last two weeks were "implementation weeks" for Coaching Business Bootcamp, which worked out nicely since I've been traveling. Next week I'll dive back into the modules and decide how I want to position my new fitness coaching brand so that it stands out from other options that my ideal clients have.

Adding a client to my roster. I have one more spot available for this round of private clients and a few strategy sessions left. I can't wait to see who will end up in that final spot!