Journal Entry: Week 4 (What To Do When You Can't Take On More Coaching Clients)

What do you do when you have people who want your coaching and not enough spots to go around?

It's obviously a good problem to have.

When I started this new fitness coaching business, I decided to only take on 5 private clients.

As my roster starts to fill up, I've had to decide what I want to do with the additional leads that I've generated for my coaching.

Whether you are in a similar situation right now or you hope to be in the future, it's helpful to know what to do when you have more demand than supply for your coaching.

Let's dive in...

What happened this week:

Vacation: I'm in California for a wedding this weekend and it's been nice to unwind. Next week I'll be going to Los Angeles for a conference. I'll even get to see a few of my private clients in-person, which is always nice when you run an online business.

Hit 4/5 clients: I signed on another fitness coaching client. This means that I only have one spot left on my roster.

Decided to stop booking strategy sessions: Even though I only have one spot left on my roster, I still have a bunch of conversations left with potential clients. Last week I wasn't sure if I wanted to take on more clients, raise my prices, or stop booking more strategy sessions and create a waitlist (I ultimately decided to go with this last option). Watch this week's video to hear my thought process:

What I learned this week:

Time differences will get ya: When I landed in California earlier this week I realized that I hadn't updated my scheduling app to account for the three hour time difference. This means that next week I have a couple of days where my calls start at 6am (yikes)! It would be too much of a pain to reschedule everyone so I'm just going to get up early and bang it out, but it was a good reminder to update my calendar in the future.

What I'll focus on next week:

Getting one more client and creating a waitlist: I have 6 strategy sessions booked for next week. My intention is to help those people get clear on their next steps and figure out if we would be a fit to work together. Depending on how many people I offer my coaching too, I could end up with a full client roster by the end of next week and then I can focus on creating a waitlist and helping my current clients get great results.