Journal Entry: Week 2 (How I Booked 16 Consults With Potential Clients)

If you think you need to build a website or run ads in order to attract coaching clients, you're wrong.

In fact, when you're starting a new coaching business that's probably the worst thing you can do.


Two reasons.

First of all - when you're just starting out, you don't really know that much about your niche. You're basically guessing at who your ideal client is going to be and what they're willing to pay for. And you don't want to build a website or run ads until you're relatively clear on those two things.

Second of all - It's much easier to focus on your existing warm network than to try and convince people who have never heard of you that you're trustworthy. It takes time and money to run ads and build a website. So you may as well start with the assets you already have on social media.

In this post I'm going to show you how to use your existing network to book some free consults. Let's get into it...

What happened this week:

Went through Week 2 of Bootcamp. I'm using the system I teach in Coaching Business Bootcamp (which I explain in this free training) to build my fitness coaching business. This week of Bootcamp was all about lead generation. One of the main strategies I recommend during Week 2 is to put out a free session offer on Facebook, so I spent some time on Monday putting mine together. Check it out:

Here's the final post that I put out on my personal Facebook profile (click "See More" to read the full offer):

Booked 16 strategy sessions with potential clients. As a result of putting out that offer on Facebook, I ended up having 17 people reach out to me for a strategy session (all but one of them are booked into my calendar now). While not everyone will be a perfect fit for my coaching, I'm confident that I'll get some great clients from these strategy sessions. The hidden benefit of having these conversations is that it's great market research. I'll be able to hear how people are describing their problems/desires and learn how to position myself in this new niche.

What I learned this week:

Fear means "Go." The highest leverage activity if you're a coach is having conversations with your potential clients. This often requires putting yourself out there in new and different ways. Even though I don't get scared very often in my current business, I was a little bit nervous to put out the free session offer for my new business. But it definitely paid off.

Follow up is key. About 8 of the 16 people that requested a strategy session this week booked one as soon as I sent them the link to my calendar. But the rest needed a reminder the next day. It's always good to remember that people are busy and just because they didn't take action after your first reach-out doesn't mean they're not interested. It's your job to keep the relationship moving forward.

What I'll focus on next week:

Having enrollment conversations. 11 of my strategy sessions are happening next week alongside my existing client calls, so I'll have a pretty packed schedule. I'm looking forward to hearing where people are getting stuck and seeing who might be a fit to work with me. Wish me luck!

Booking more strategy sessions. My goal is to book 30 strategy sessions with potential clients. In order to make that happen I'll be posting the offer in relevant Facebook groups and reaching out to "connectors" - people in my network who might be willing to share the post with their friends.