Journal Entry: Week 11 (What Questions To Include On Your Coaching Application)

Most coaches think that the goal of their website is to sell people on coaching.


The goal of your website is actually for people to sell themselves to you. And you do that through your coaching application.

So you might be thinking - how does that work? And what do I need to include in my application in order to weed out the people that are never going to become clients anyway?

That’s what I’m talking about in this week’s journal entry:

What happened this week?

Added personality to my application form. When I built a minimalist website for Enough Fitness, I added an Apply Now page for potential clients. But I wanted to go back this week and use it as a chance for client delight by adding in one or two fun touches. Here’s an example:

One of the questions on my coaching application (notice my description underneath the numbers)

One of the questions on my coaching application (notice my description underneath the numbers)

And when someone submits the application, they see this screen:

The thank you screen for my coaching application

The thank you screen for my coaching application

Got a new client. Well, not 100% new. One of the clients I worked with last year in my 90 day program signed back up with me for a monthly retainer at $200/month. We’ll have one session a month and I’ll create a custom training and nutrition plan for him. This is exciting since I’ve been wanting to develop a lower end offer that builds some reccuring revenue.

Spoke with a potential client. I have a check-in call with him early next week so we’ll see how that goes. This client heard about me from a friend and reached out to me on Facebook messenger after seeing some of my recent posts. More proof that the easiest way to get clients is to make sure your warm network knows what you’re up to.

Shared my story on social media. I posted a before/after picture of myself on IG and talked about my own transformation around fitness over the last couple of years. The post is a good example of my 4 step story blueprint and it got a great reaction from my audience. Here’s the post:

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My grandmother asked me if I needed money to buy groceries because my neck looked so skinny. . I laughed and told her no. But days later I couldn’t stop thinking about it. . I told my then girlfriend (now wife) about what happened. She was like “yeah, well, she’s kind of right.” Ouch. . This was three years after graduating college and starting my own business. I was focused on my career. I had a nagging injury that made it hard to do my normal workouts. . Yes, I was still active and eating well. But my grandmother and my girlfriend had a point. I‘d lost a lot of muscle since my time as a wrestler. . So I got to work. . I bought courses online from semi-douchey fitness influencers. I started building a home gym in our basement (which I lovingly refer to as the dungeon). And I experimented - a lot. . And you know what? I actually started to get results pretty quickly. . It took me about 90 days to make it back to the way I looked as an athlete. Then I kept going. . The system I had developed for myself was totally counterintuitive. I was only working out 4-5 hours a week total. I was barely doing cardio and some weeks I didn’t do any at all. I was eating foods I loved and drinking as much as I wanted. . The picture on the left was taken about one month into my journey: Feb 26th, 2017. . The picture on the right was taken yesterday: May 20th, 2019. . Today I’m more confident than ever in my body and my wife doesn’t hate it either. . I was honestly anxious to post this because I didn’t want to be “that selfie guy” and I didn’t want people to feel the need to compare themselves. We’re all running our own race in life. But I figured that if my story inspired someone to kick things into gear, then it would be worth it. . If you’re one of those people, I’d love to be part of your fitness journey. One of the best things I did during my transformation was hire an online coach. Now I provide that same type of support to others. . To learn more, message me or go to and let’s partner up on your transformation.

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Researched software options. There are a lot of software options out there for online fitness coaches that help you create training and nutrition plans for your clients. This is one of those research projects that could easily become Creative Avoidance. I tried not to overthink it - just got the free trail for two of them and chose the one I liked best.

Finished my welcome email sequence. I’ve been using ConvertKit (affiliate link) to manage my email list for the new business. It’s the easiest option in terms of delivering lead magnets to your subscribers. This week I finished an automated, 7 email welcome sequence that new subscribers will get when they opt-in. If you want to see what it includes, sign up for my habit tracker on the homepage.

What I learned this week:

The importance of focusing on your existing and past clients. Sometimes we focus more on getting new clients than we do on current and past ones. That’s a mistake because the easiest way to increase your profit is taking the people who have already paid you and serving them in new and better ways. By building this low end offering alongside my former client (see above), I was able to validate the concept and sign him back up. The harder way to do things would have been to think up something in my head and try to find new people to sell it to.

What I'll focus on next week:

Continue looking for a good live event. One of my goals this week was to sign up for a live event that my ideal clients would be likely to attend. I also have to be interested in it myself. I had some trouble finding something that met these criteria, so I’ll be spending more time on it next week. If you have any live events that you’ve really enjoyed (could be based around fitness, business, or personal development), and attracts guys in their late 20s, then shoot me a message and let me know.

Start on-boarding my new client. There are some things I still have to get in place, including my intake form and my programming software. Having a start date with my new client will help give me a deadline for this stuff so that I don’t get lost in prep.


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