Client Story: Shaughn Koukos

Shaughn Koukos is a weight-loss coach who specializes in helping people lose 50-100 pounds so that they can get in the best shape of their lives. He joined my 8-week group coaching program in January 2017. Here's his story...

The Catalyst

Before I started working with Greg I had a lot of passion but not a lot of direction. I knew I was good at coaching, but I had no idea where to find clients and how to enroll them. I had just earned my primal health coach certification and I wanted to make a successful career in coaching.

After talking to Greg I decided I didn't want to waste any more time, so I made the investment in his program. My only hesitation around working with him was the money. But as soon as I signed up, I felt empowered.

The Experience

And after the first one or two session, I knew that this was going to be a great program for me. Greg helped me reframe my outlook on sales and that made a huge impact on me.

The best part of the program was the confidence and knowledge I gained. I am more focused and productive now. Greg has given me the structure, confidence, knowledge and techniques I could have never gotten from reading 100 books. 

This video of Shaughn was taken during the final group call of my signature program, Fill Your Client Roster

The Breakthrough

After just 4 weeks in his program I enrolled my first 3 paid clients at $500 per month. Greg's coaching services definitely have great return on investment!

I enrolled my first 3 paid clients at $500 per month.
— Shaughn Koukos, Weight-Loss Coach (Vero Beach, FL)

I would absolutely recommend working with Greg. Anyone in the coaching field could benefit from his services. They will get a whole new mindset towards sales, enrollment, and marketing.

Thank you for everything Greg!