Client Story: Patrick Buggy

Patrick Buggy is a coach, writer, and big-hearted entrepreneur who helps ambitious leaders perform at their best while actually enjoying the ride. He joined Coaching Business Bootcamp in April 2018. Here's his story...

The Catalyst

Before joining Coaching Business Bootcamp, I had just finished up my first long-term paid client agreement. It went amazingly well, but throughout the 7 months of our work together, I failed to create ANY more clients.

I was burning through my savings and knew I needed extra support with the biz side of things, but didn't know where to turn for it. I knew I had the pieces of a profitable business in front of me, but I was struggling to put them together on my own. I wanted support to build the foundation of a biz that could support me and scale moving forward.

After watching Greg's webinar, I knew I had a lot to learn from him! I had some concerns about it being worth the investment, but I'd been following Greg for a while so I didn't have too many doubts.

The Experience

After signing up, I was stoked to finally get the support I'd been craving for so long! The course gave me the STRUCTURE to build from/work within, which was SO helpful. And, having some deadlines motivated me to make decisions and ship things.

The training modules were great. They forced me to put time into my business and led to a lot of clarity. Greg is clear and direct and goes out of his way to be helpful. And, I was able to trust his experience and expertise, having built his own biz and supported others with theirs. Simply having that experience of seeing what works for others was a huge credibility boost for me.

The 3C Sales System was HUGE for me in structuring my enrollment conversations and helping me "audition" clients. I now feel WAY more surefooted in these situations!

The Breakthrough

As a result of the program, I enrolled 3 paying clients, totaling $5,300 in income. In addition, I got greater clarity on what it is I'm actually building, which I know will translate to more clients going forward.

Seeing other people in the process of building their businesses helps me see how far I've come, and how close I am to realizing some of the results that I want to see.

If you're a coach with a little bit of experience but want extra support with clarifying the foundation of your biz and mapping out some processes to succeed moving forward, then I highly recommend signing up for Coaching Business Bootcamp. It will teach you and support you through taking the actions that build the foundations of your business.

Greg knows his shit, has grown his own businesses, and has helped a lot of other coaches grow theirs. I'm sure he can help you grow yours.

You can learn more about Patrick at