How To Get Paid To Speak: An Interview With Jason Connell

Do you get a little jealous watching someone speak on stage while you're sitting back in the audience?

If you've ever thought to yourself "I could totally do that," then you're going to love my interview with Jason Connell.

Jason is the real deal. He's done multiple world tours speaking for conferences, Fortune 500s, professional associations, and universities commanding $10,000+ per keynote. And he's spent the last 2.5 years teaching other thought leaders how to get paid to speak.

So whether you've never gotten paid to speak before, or you've already done some speaking, this interview will help take your professional speaking to the next level.

Watch Now and Learn:

> [3:41] Jason's journey from making only $10,000 total as a full-time speaker in year one to doing multiple international tours making 10k per speech

> [7:50] Why speaking is such an amazing compliment to a coaching business

> [14:21] How to figure out what topic to speak on that the market is willing to pay for (and great questions to ask if you have no idea what to focus on)

> [20:05] Why it's a mistake to go broad when you're starting out and how to use your existing coaching specialty as a jumping off point

> [24:56] Why you should choose one niche even if your expertise could apply to lots of different markets (leadership, sales, personal development, etc.)

> [29:45] Jason's perspective on whether to do free speaking or paid speaking (and exactly what to do to make sure that a free speech ends up converting)

> [36:24] What to do this week if you want to start getting gigs

> [43:30] The story of how I started applying Jason's advice and got a new client

> [46:50] What the sales process and call should look like for a paid speech

> [54:38] An opportunity to get free training from Jason on how to make your first (or next) $5,000 as a speaker

> [57:20] The worst advice that Jason hears being given to emerging speakers