Client Story: Marta Ferrero


Marta Ferrero is a Transformational Coach who helps women claim back their power and move forward after going through a difficult period in their life. She joined Coaching Business Bootcamp in November 2017. Here's her story...

The Catalyst

When I joined Coaching Business Bootcamp, I was busy completing my Life Coach certification program and, although greatly enjoying the content I was learning, I could see a big gap between being a student and being a professional. The certification was interesting, but I was losing confidence that I could actually do it for real as a living. 

I knew that the 'fear of not knowing enough' would have been a big obstacle in starting a proper coaching practice and I felt that I needed something or someone to challenge/support me.

The Experience

I had been on the fence about whether or not to invest in the program until the very last minute, but once I'd signed up, I immediately felt that I had made the right decision.

I decided to trust my gut and be fully open to the experience in the knowledge that Greg was the right coach for me - his authenticity resonated.

The program was amazing. I loved how Greg always kept the balance between pushing/challenging the people in the group and being compassionate when someone was feeling stuck or was losing motivation.

He has a unique ability to systemize the content, which makes it easy to consume and implement.

The Breakthrough

Since working with Greg, I signed up my first paid client! And then a second one followed shortly after. They are both on a monthly basis, and while this obviously isn't a full-time coaching income yet, it feels good to have overcome the psychological barrier of not seeing myself doing this 'for real' ;)

I would highly recommend Coaching Business Bootcamp to all new coaches, and I will personally keep coming back to the content again and again in the future!