How To Pursue Your Goals (The Right Way)

Question for you...

Do you ever have trouble staying in that sweet spot between achievement and anxiety?

I'll be the first to admit that I sometimes struggle to pursue my goals while also feeling at peace with how things are right now.

In my new book I give one simple statement that solves this dilemma. People have come back to me again and again saying that this concept was the big takeaway for them, so I thought I'd make a video exploring it in more depth.

Here's the video:


There are four basic states that people are in when they pursue their goals. How easily you achieve your goals will depend on which state you're in at that moment.

Here they are...

High Intention, High Attachment: This is the place that most high-achievers come from and it's where we tend to get NEEDY. We have a strong intention, or desire, to achieve a certain outcome (which is great) but we are too attached to that result. So we end up chasing our goals away and becoming stressed out in the process. If this is where you're at, lower your level of attachment by becoming grateful for what you already have.

Low Intention, High Attachment: This is what happens when we're highly attached to the external outcomes in our life (we get frustrated when things go wrong), but we're not being intentional about what we want in the first place. This is where the VICTIM lives. It's the least empowered place to come from and I don't recommend it. In order to get out of this state, raise your level of intention and lower your level of attachment.

Low Intention, Low Attachment: Have you ever felt a bit depressed, and then realized it was because you weren't driving towards anything meaningful in your life? This is an example of APATHY. When you're in this state our level of intentionality is low, and we also aren't particularly attached to any specific outcome. The best thing you can do here is to find something that matters to you and set your sights on achieving it (raising your intention).

High Intention, Low Attachment: I've found this to be the optimal place to come from when you're pursuing your goals. It's where the CHAMPION lives. When you are in a state of high intention and low attachment, you are actively creating the life you want without clutching too tightly to any particular result. When you start to get needy, feel like a victim, or become apathetic, remember this mantra and you'll be able to go back to performing at your peak.

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