Client Story: Liz Traines

Liz Traines is a a career coach who empowers young professionals, leaders and small business owners to live fulfilling careers and lifestyles they love. She joined my 8-week group coaching program in September 2016. Here's her story...


When I started working with Greg, I was looking for more clients. Starting my business was a huge lifestyle shift for me; I felt like social situations were somewhat awkward because I had so many "agendas" when I walked into a room…looking for clients, friends, a boyfriend. That didn't feel good and I wanted to get more intentional about how/where I'd look for clients.

Still, I was nervous when Greg offered to let me into his program. I would be spending a lot of money on something I had never done before. I wondered if it would work, but then I told myself “If I’m investing in it, it’s going to work. Trust the gut.”


The first one or two sessions spoke right to me and my business. Greg takes serious pride in knowing/seeing his clients. I was no longer nervous about the return on my investment and I knew the skills I was learning would pay off over time in many ways.

Greg gets me. He encourages me. I can ask him anything and not feel judged (in the slightest). This is exactly what I needed when I signed up with him. Confidence, creative ideas, excitement. I got to learn from a coach who I view (and many others would too) as successful. Greg has built a thriving business, written a book, is getting married, lives on a farm, shows such a range of emotions (at one point he talked about being close with his mom and got teary eyed - it was so awesome to see his authenticity and realness). Greg is really driven, but also maintains a balance. This is exactly what I'm striving for in my life so it was SO awesome to see a living example of it.

The sales conversation structure was extremely helpful and then encouragement to make it our own was really important. The program also added a great accountability component to my weeks and days. I got so much clearer, intentional and efficient about how I was spending my time in work and life, and that overall makes me feel more balanced, accomplished and fulfilled.


As a result of working with Greg, I increased my rates by 300% - woah! I paid for the program with my new clients who signed up for 3 and 6 month programs with me.

I would recommend Greg to other coaches and entrepreneurs because he knows how personal a business can be and he encourages businesses to grow in such an authentic way. There is no loss of integrity in the business mission when growing and making more money. Perhaps even more integrity!!

The most important thing to know is that Greg is dedicated to ensuring that you benefit greatly from his programs, especially when you are motivated to grow.

Note From Greg:

Since finishing my group program and writing this case study, Liz started to work with me 1:1 in order to get more clients and launch her first group program. Here's a text she sent me after making 5k in one week...

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