Client Story: Karyn Chylewski


Karyn Chylewski is a leadership coach and development trainer who helps emerging leaders and managers to empower their teams. She joined Coaching Business Bootcamp in October 2017. Here's her story...

The Catalyst

When I joined Coaching Business Bootcamp, I had just left my job to pursue coaching full time. While I knew what I wanted, I was looking to learn how to start. I was already familiar with Greg, so I didn't have any hesitations in signing up.

The Experience

Immediately after signing up, I was excited and curious to discover what was in the course and how it could help me build my business. I was not disappointed!

The content, along with Greg's support, was super focused and provided me with targeted action steps to take to build my business.

Greg was amazing the whole way. He is very generous in providing information, was always available to me and super engaging with the group!

The Breakthrough

As a result of the course, I learned how to lead a powerful enrollment call using Greg's 3C Sales System, which lead to my first client within just the first month of Bootcamp!

I also learned how to build an audience through content creation, how to craft and offer my packages, and a helpful mindset when talking to potential clients.

Coaching Business Bootcamp provides the foundations for how to begin getting traction as a business and I would definitely recommend it to all aspiring and new coaches!

Thank you, Greg!

You can learn more about Karyn at