Journal Entry: Getting Started (Blocking off Time to Work on My New Business)

Everyone wants to tell you how to get clients, but no one actually shows themselves going through the process.

That's why I'm starting a coaching business journal.

When you look around and all you see is fully built, profitable businesses, it's easy to forget that those coaches started from nothing.

One of my goals in starting this new fitness coaching business is to capture all the messy, authentic moments of the journey so that you can learn from my mistakes.

Plus, I'll be taking my own medicine. It's been more than four years since I started my first coaching business. I want to show you that you don't have to be a business coach for coaches in order to make a great living.

Here's what to expect:

I'll be documenting my journey from zero clients to having a full client roster in my new fitness coaching business. This will be done primarily through two mediums:

  1. Videos of me literally building the new business right in front of your eyes

  2. Weekly journal entries that share what happened over the past week, what I learned, and what I'm focused on next week

Without further ado, let's dive into this week's journal entry:

What happened this week:

Wrote an email that got an amazing response. On Friday of last week (June 15th) I sat down to write my weekly newsletter. Without even intending to, I ended announcing that I would be starting a new fitness coaching business on the side. I asked people to reply "Yes" if they were interested in getting an inside peek into my journey at got over 27 responses in just a couple of hours. I also posted the same announcement on my personal Facebook profile and got lots of good engagement.

Received two messages from potential clients. As a result of the email and Facebook update, two people in my network reached out to me right away who were interested in what I was offering. One was a local acquaintance and the other was a former business coaching client of mine. It felt really validating to start getting inquiries so early on and I ended up scheduling time with both of them to learn more about what they were looking for (this also bought me some time to figure out what I'm even going to be offering!).

Blocked off time to work on the new business. Since I'll be building this new business on the side of my current business, I need to be very intentional about how I'm managing my time. I don't want the new business to bleed over into my current obligations and I also don't want it to get left behind. So the main thing I did this week was to pull up my calendar and block off a chunk of dedicated time to build my new fitness coaching business. Watch the video below to see me make that decision in real-time (and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for future videos):

What I learned this week:

Let people in on your process. As much as we may want to look like polished experts as we build our coaching business, the behind the scenes stuff is much more compelling to people. Instead of trying to just create new content, focus on documenting your own journey with whatever you want to coach people on (shout out to Gary V for this reframe). 

Creative Avoidance never goes away. As I mentioned in this week's video, I spent a lot of time thinking about URL names for the new business and researching camera equipment. This is textbook Creative Avoidance and no entrepreneur is immune to it. That's a big reason why the first thing you should do when you're starting something new is to schedule chunks of time when you can focus on high-leverage activities like selling and creating content.

Not everyone will be a fit for my new offering. As I mentioned above, two potential clients reached out to learn more about fitness coaching after seeing my email and Facebook post. I had the opportunity to speak with one of them on Tuesday and propose a 1:1 coaching package for him. This person ultimately decided to try making progress on his own for a bit, and it helped me learn a little bit more about who my ideal client is in this new business. Most people who just want to lose 10-15 pounds and don't have a lot of urgency around getting in shape aren't likely to invest in the coaching that I'm going to offer.

What I'll focus on next week:

Going through Week 1 of my course. One thing that's kind of fun about this whole project is that I'm going to be using my own course, Coaching Business Bootcamp, as the template for getting my first batch of clients. Coaching Business Bootcamp is a program I created to distill down everything I learned in my first business about getting clients and building a sustainable income as a coach. Week 1 of Bootcamp is all about Clarity and so I'm going to be focused on getting clear about who I want to serve, what I want to help them accomplish, and how I'm going to do it.

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