Feeling Stuck? Here's Why

When you feel stuck, it's NOT because you're lazy. It's NOT because you don't know enough. And it's NOT because you have trouble committing.

Usually, it just means you're focused on accomplishing the wrong things.

I believe all of us have an endless well of energy, insight, and resourcefulness available to us at any time.

But here's the secret: we only get access to that well if we're thirsty.

When I talk about thirst, I’m talking about our intrinsic desire as human beings to do things that are meaningful to us.

Our body knows it when we try to take action on something we aren’t thirsty for.

For example:

If you're letting your dream stay on the back burner, you don't get access to the well.

If you're selling something that you don't believe in, you don't get access to the well.

If you're doing things simply because you think you “should”, you don't get access to the well.

And when you don’t have access to the well, everything feels like a slog.

On the other hand...

If you’re aligned with your natural thirst, nothing feels like a slog. Uncomfortable, maybe. But not a slog.

What would happen if, instead of trying to manufacture artificial thirst all the time, you figured out what your body needed and started drinking that?

Stay thirsty my friends,


p.s. Now that it makes sense why you might be feeling stuck, it's time to get in alignment with your natural thirst. I created the True North Toolkit to help you do exactly that. Click here to get access