Client Story: Eddie Shieh


Eddie Shieh is a life coach who helps successful 30-somethings figure out what they really want from life. He joined Coaching Business Bootcamp in February 2018. Here's his story...

The Catalyst

Before joining Coaching Business Bootcamp, my coaching clients were drying up at the organization I was contracting for. I knew I wanted to start my own coaching business, but I had no idea how or where to begin. I was reading a ton of articles and guides online, but this only left me feeling overwhelmed.

I heard about Bootcamp from a friend who had gone through it before, so I already knew that it would be worth it. My only hesitation was whether or not I could execute the steps necessary to be successful. But once I made the investment, I knew I had to go all in.

The Experience

After just a couple weeks in the program, I felt relieved, like I was finally doing the right things for my business. It felt good to know I didn't have to figure it all out on my own. I finally had a place to ask all of my questions and get personalized advice.

I was struck by how clear the instructions were and the reasons behind each step. It made total sense to me why I was doing what I was doing. There was no point where I questioned the rationale or felt uncomfortable with the way I was told to go about each step.

Greg's perspective on pricing especially resonated with me: go high end, but not so high that you exude a lack of confidence. I felt simultaneously pushed to go big while also reminded to stay true to myself.

What I love about Greg is his expertise and honesty. He really walks his talk and provides clear, definitive advice about seemingly every aspect of a growing coaching business.

The Breakthrough

Since working with Greg, I went from making $115 per session to ~$190. I have longer term engagements/packages now instead of just selling my time. I got 6 new clients before the program even ended. I learned how to sell without feeling pushy. I have a system for creating blog posts and videos and creating an audience.

I feel way more confident in my ability to make a living as a coach. I have a framework for how to understand marketing and sales. I've gained a like-minded community where I can ask questions and get support. I know where I can go for more help when I'm ready to take my business to the next level.

All this to say, it's totally worth it! For what you get, the investment is minor. In fact, I made it back 3 times over within the first 2 months alone!

It will jump start your coaching business but also your energy and motivation. It will teach you how to build a coaching business, but also show you what it means to be an entrepreneur. And you will develop a stronger identity as a REAL coach that is ACTUALLY in business.

Thank you, Greg!

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