Client Story: Annie Huang

Annie Huang is a relationship coach who helps women use their breakup as an opportunity to reinvent themselves. She joined my 8-week group coaching program in September 2016. Here's her story...

The catalyst

Before I found Greg, I felt stuck. Unlike in 2015 when I was being a total course junkie, I was quite mindful this year of not repeating the same mistake and to actually work on my business. However, because of my lack of focus, I was spinning my wheels a lot with little or no results.

I was already looking for a business coach, so I just wanted to make sure it was a good fit. My biggest concern after talking to Greg was the investment. I felt a little nervous when I signed up but at the same time I felt I was in good hands.

The Experience

After our first one or two sessions, I was glad I made the decision to invest in the program. Greg is really good at what he does! He’s caring but at the same time he challenges me to go outside of my comfort zone. He provides insightful, structured content and concrete action steps.

The small group structure worked great. I really appreciated the support from fellow group members. The 8-week structure was great too. I knew I had to put in 110% during that time. I probably would have run out of steam or get distracted by other shiny objects if it was, say, a 6-month course. So, it forced me to focus and to prioritize it in my calendar. 

The breakthrough

As a result of working with Greg I recorded a video for the first time, refined my niche, updated my website, reached out to my lists, enrolled 2 new clients, had a new marketing message, and started putting together a new opt-in.

I would recommend Greg to other coaches who are looking to fill their client rosters because he is good at that. Be prepared to do the work and to go outside of your comfort zone. You'll see great results if you do.

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