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Free True North Toolkit

Searching for direction in your career? Feeling disoriented? Now's the time to plan your next step. The True North Toolkit is a vault of resources that will help you get your bearings so you can choose a path that matters to you.

Photo credit: Ian Kelsall via cc

Photo credit: Ian Kelsall via cc

Strengths + Passions + Problems = True North

When we are faced with forks in the road, it can be scary to choose a path. The True North framework is a decision making model that I developed which looks at your strengths, your passions, and the problems of others.

Finding your True North is the first step towards choosing work you love. If you don't find your True North now, you could spend years (or decades) of your life in a job you hate...or headed the wrong way.

It's taken me 27 hours of preparation, research, and writing to create these resources (not to mention years of trail and error). I'm giving them away for free because I know how it feels to be disoriented. This is the stuff I wish I had known about when I started my journey, and I still come back to it whenever I lose my way.

Here are a few of the things you will find inside:

  • The Strengths Test and Template

Probably the quickest and most important thing that you could do to be more deliberate today. I link you to my favorite research-based diagnostic test for determining your key character strengths. Then I show you exactly how to apply them to your daily life.

  • 20 Questions To Pinpoint Your Passion

If you don't know what excites you, it's going to be hard to get more out of life. This list of 20 questions will help you hone in on exactly what love to do so that you can start focusing your energy on those things, instead of passively accepting what other people tell you to do.

  • Your Gift to the World Checklist

This is the part that most "experts" leave out. Strengths and passions are important, but they're not the end of the story. You must become good at identifying unmet needs if you are going to be successful. This checklist will help you how to make your solutions magnetic so that you can stay relevant and in demand.

Here's the deal: I'm considering developing a paid product based on the True North framework, and am not sure how long I will leave these resources open to the public.

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