Let Me Tell You About My Client Shaughn:


When Shaughn came to me, he was having trouble getting clients.

Shaughn is a weight-loss coach (although he didn't get clear on that until we started working together).

Even though he had just completed a health coaching certification, Shaughn didn't have the type of deep confidence that comes from working with paid clients.

And even though he had launched a Facebook Page, he knew that he didn't have the visibility that comes from putting yourself out there consistently in the right way.

Is Any of This Sounding Familiar?

Shaughn wanted to make 50k per year as a coach (to start) so that he could support his family and prove to himself that he could succeed as an entrepreneur. He wanted to be in demand and known as the go-to person for his type of transformation.

But deep down, Shaughn was also afraid to fail. He was putting things off. Not because he was lazy, but because the limited sales and marketing training that his certification program had provided never gave him a focused plan around how to structure his pricing, where to find clients, and what to say to enroll them.

That's when Shaughn came to me. Here's what he said about our work together:




"After just 4 weeks in his program I had enrolled my first 3 clients."

"Before I started working with Greg I had a lot of passion but not a lot of direction. I knew I was good at coaching, but I had no idea where to find clients and how to enroll them. After talking to Greg I decided I didn't want to waste any more time, so I made the investment in his program. Greg has given me the structure, confidence, knowledge and techniques I could have never gotten from reading 100 books. After just 4 weeks in his program I had enrolled my first 3 clients. Greg's coaching services definitely have great return on investment!"

-Shaughn Koukos, Health Coach (Vero Beach, FL)



Obviously I'm proud of the clients that Shaughn has gotten while working with me. But what makes me even more excited is the fact that lots of people have already benefited from his coaching. He gets to help them reach their potential while he works to achieve his own.