My passion is helping people develop a winning mindset so that they can build highly fulfilling and impactful businesses. I’m constantly challenging myself and others to take bold action, and I draw on those experiences to craft compelling talks that combine business with personal development.


Why I'm Different

If you're here looking for a speaker for your event, I'm guessing your goal is to help transform your audience so that they can transform the world around them. Well, that's my thing. And I talk about it in a way that entertains and inspires the audiences I'm in front of. People describe me as engaging, energetic, uplifting, high-energy, present, upbeat, and invigorating. Even more importantly: all of my talks, just like my coaching, are custom-made for the audience I'm in front of. I always hang around afterwards to answer questions.


Where I've Spoken

I've spoken at colleges, conferences, retreats - you name it. The audiences that resonate most with my message have an insatiable drive to grow and improve themselves (sometimes to the detriment of their health and relationships). I love tailoring my message to different cultures and venues, from college students to elite entrepreneurs.

Recent Speaking Engagements:

  • Camp GLP - August 25-28th 2016 (Rock Hill, NY) - "Master The Inner Game Of Entrepreneurship"

Watch Me Speak

Below is a 20 minute talk I delivered at Occidental College called "Bravery Pays: How To Make A Great Income Doing Work You Love Right Out Of College." Go ahead, take a look (and watch it in HD if you want the full experience):

Don't Take My Word For IT...

"Before Greg’s talk, I wasn't sure where I was heading with my passions or what was holding me back. After listening to Greg's talk, I was inspired to re-visit some of my personal projects, be brave, and ask myself, "what's scaring me?". It was great to hear about the four different kinds of entrepreneurship; learning that there is no cookie-cutter mold for taking action in the areas that you're interested in. Greg is a very powerful, engaging and empowering speaker. The presentation was extremely inspiring and really made me dig deep into my own life and consider what actions I could start taking in the areas that were important to me."

— Ama Peiris, Student & Leader at Occidental College

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