So, Will You Be Joining Us?

Let's be clear about what you're investing in HERE.

Because it's not just my program.

This is an investment in signing new clients, making more money, and finally getting your dream business off the ground. And doing it all in 30 days, not 3 years.

The alternative is to stay right where you are. But each month that goes by, you'll be missing out on the potential income and impact that you could be making in your coaching business.

Up until now, my least expensive group program was $5,000. And if you were to work with me privately to achieve this, the minimum investment would be considerably more.

The price of 3 In 30 will almost certainly go up for future rounds. But since this is a brand new offering, I wanted to give you a special incentive for being part of the first group.

Total Investment: $795*

*Remember that this is business deductible come tax time.