The Real Reason Why Millennials Are So Stressed Out

If are a millennial, you are part of the most stressed generation in America.


You did everything you were supposed to do. You got into a good college, worked hard, and slogged your way through unpaid internships. Maybe you even landed a decent job.

Then why are you so unhappy? Because the GPS you've been following is broken. You took all the correct turns, did all the "right" things, and ended up somewhere that you didn't want to be.

The landscape around you has changed. You live in a different world than your parents did, one with a different roadmap of success.

Some of you are still following that GPS because you are afraid to blaze your own trail. You already started down this path years ago. It's too late to turn back now...right?

Others of you have already realized that it's time to start navigating based on more of an internal compass. You've realized that you don't have to do what you're told anymore. You've gotten back into the driver's seat.

Here's the deal: I believe that we can do some really amazing things as a generation. But only if we constantly ask "why" and continue to challenge the status quo.

Today, I'm excited to announce the first ever Revolution Why retreat taking place at Riverside in Charles Town, WV (90 minutes from DC). The retreat will be held October 9th-12th. It will include everything from in-depth workshops on yoga, permaculture, and entrepreneurship to delicious cooking, hikes along the Shenandoah River, and maybe even some s'more-making.

This retreat offers an exclusive and intimate opportunity to spend time with other millennials who are doing meaningful things in the world. It's not for everyone. In fact, there's only space for 22 people. But if you're committed to making a change in this lifetime, you might just be one of them.

Click here to learn more about Revolution Why.

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