[Podcast] How To Silence Fear with Matt McWilliams

On this this episode of Greg Faxon’s Bravery Project, Matt McWilliams, creator of The World Changer’s Show podcast, reveals why entrepreneurship isn’t necessarily riskier than having an ordinary job. Plus, the benefits of pursuing multiple different career paths and the reason you don’t need to be a Silicon Valley “unicorn” in order to be successful. 

Interview Highlights

  • What going to a roller coaster park can teach you about fear
  • Why it's easier to be brave when others count on you
  • The most effective mindset to have when narrowing your niche
  • Why you should build your parachute before jumping from a plane
  • What you won't see in a Hollywood movie about success 

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Official Website (www.MattMcWilliams.com)

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