[Video] The Simplest Way to Achieve Any Goal

Today I got a chance to sit down with a friend of mine: Gene Sun.

Gene is a personal trainer in Washington, DC and he runs a blog called Bonkers for Burpees (I have to smile every time I hear that name).

We got into a conversation about what stops motivated people from reaching their goals, particularly their fitness goals. One of the biggest obstacles is burnout.

Now, I've talked before about the importance of breaking things up into small chunks, but Gene shared a great analogy which really drove the point home:

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Don't you love that? I'm guessing that most of your biggest achievements were not the result of one large, triumphant effort; sometimes it's just a matter of sticking with something for long enough.

Worthwhile doesn't happen overnight.

Success in anything, including fitness, is only achieved through consistent and deliberate action. We hate this fact, which is why the supplement industry is worth over $32 billion.

It's time to stop demanding instant gratification. The simplest way to achieve any goal is to take small actions every single day. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, focus only on the next logical step.

Remember: Tan, don't burn.

Greg Faxon

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