It's 100% Possible To Get Your First 3 Paid Coaching Clients In 30 Days Or Less

(Even If You're Not Clear On Who To Serve)


But here's the catch...

Just because it's possible to get three clients in thirty days doesn't mean everyone will do it. Most people won't. In fact, most people who think about becoming coaches never get three paid clients at all.

And that sucks. First, because it means they never achieve their full potential as entrepreneurs. Second, because they aren't able to use their gifts to help unleash the potential of others.

Let's get real for a second:

If you haven't already gotten your first three coaching clients, it probably means that you're missing a critical piece of the puzzle.

You can't expect to keep doing the same things and get a different result.

That's why I'm leading a live, in-depth training program for coaches who are ready to do whatever it takes to get their first three paying clients.

This might be the perfect opportunity for you if...

> You'd like to build a location-independent coaching business so that you can travel and live anywhere you want while making a significant impact on other people.

> You're not totally sure who you want to serve and what you are uniquely suited to help them with (a.k.a. your niche) and so you're not marketing your services clearly and consistently.

> You don't know how to communicate clearly with potential clients in a way that makes them want to hire you, or even to learn more, so you end up putting yourself out there less and less.

> You're starting to get a bit discouraged by how slowly everything seems to be going and the fact that you're still not making money as a coach (even though you've worked hard).

You want to learn how to get your first three paid clients so that you can go even bigger with speaking, leading retreats or workshops, working with groups, writing books, and more.

If this sounds like what you're experiencing right now, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news..

None of this is your fault. You just haven't been taught the right way to get your coaching business off the ground.

The Bad News...

These problems aren't going to solve themselves. The longer you spend stuck in this situation, the harder it's going to be to get out of it.

What you need right now is four weeks of focused support and strategies so that you can jumpstart your business, start getting clients in the door, and finally make some real money from coaching.


...And That's Where I Come In.



Hi, I'm Greg Faxon.

I help coaches fill their client roster so that they can increase their income each and every month without sacrificing their integrity.

My speciality is helping people like you, who care deeply about personal transformation, use the challenges they've overcome in their lives to serve others. And make great money doing it.

In fact, I'm honored to say that my own business generated over six figures last year using the exact strategies that I teach my clients.

The best part? I've been able to do it all from an 80 acre farm property in West Virginia (or wherever else I'm traveling in the world).

I've interviewed Seth Godin, been featured in Forbes, spoken at colleges and conferences, and I've had the privilege of helping a whole lot of coaches just like you get their first three paid clients.

Here's an example...


Let Me Tell You About My Client Shaughn:


When Shaughn came to me, he was having trouble getting clients.

Shaughn is a weight-loss coach (although he didn't get clear on that until we started working together).

Even though he had just completed a health coaching certification, Shaughn didn't have the type of deep confidence that comes from working with paid clients.

And even though he had launched a Facebook Page, he knew that he didn't have the visibility that comes from putting yourself out there consistently in the right way.

Is Any of This Sounding Familiar?

Shaughn wanted to make 50k per year as a coach (to start) so that he could support his family and prove to himself that he could succeed as an entrepreneur. He wanted to be in demand and known as the go-to person for his type of transformation.

But deep down, Shaughn was also afraid to fail. He was putting things off. Not because he was lazy, but because the limited sales and marketing training that his certification program had provided never gave him a focused plan around how to structure his pricing, where to find clients, and what to say to enroll them.

That's when Shaughn came to me. Here's what he said about our work together:




"After just 4 weeks in his program I had enrolled my first 3 clients."

"Before I started working with Greg I had a lot of passion but not a lot of direction. I knew I was good at coaching, but I had no idea where to find clients and how to enroll them. After talking to Greg I decided I didn't want to waste any more time, so I made the investment in his program. Greg has given me the structure, confidence, knowledge and techniques I could have never gotten from reading 100 books. After just 4 weeks in his program I had enrolled my first 3 clients. Greg's coaching services definitely have great return on investment!"

-Shaughn Koukos, Health Coach (Vero Beach, FL)



Obviously I'm proud of the clients that Shaughn has gotten while working with me. But what makes me even more excited is the fact that lots of people have already benefited from his coaching. He gets to help them reach their potential while he works to achieve his own.


The Danger Of Waiting For Clarity


Most new coaches get stuck in what I call "The Clarity Trap" and it's the main thing that stops them from getting their first three paid clients.

For some coaches, The Clarity Trap just slows them down temporarily. It makes them waste a lot of time and money by focusing on the wrong things. For others, The Clarity Trap can be deadly.

So, what exactly is The Clarity Trap?

It's the belief that in order to make money, you need to be 100% clear about your ideal client, niche, or unique message.

If you've been stuck in this trap, I don't blame you. I used to believe the same thing. It seemed like that's what all of the online gurus were saying.

And here's the truth: getting clear on those things is actually really important for the long-term success of your business. But not for the short term.

In fact, trying to get clear on your niche or ideal client in the beginning is actually counter-productive. For every moment you spend thinking about that stuff when you start, you're actually moving further away from getting your first three paid clients.

Because even if you did force yourself to choose a niche, you'd probably have to change it as soon as you started interacting with the market. Brutal, right?

Here's why waiting for clarity is so dangerous:

When you start out, you just don't have much data about who you can best serve or how you can help them. Sure, you can look at your strengths and your passions. But if you're anything like me you have a lot of those.

The truth is, clarity comes from taking action. It comes from having coaching conversations with lots of potential clients. And it comes from working with some paid clients too so that you can figure out who you most enjoy serving and what type of results you can help them achieve.

It's not just me saying this. I hosted a live panel with coaching superstars like Michael Neill and Pamela Slim, and they all agreed that you don't need total clarity to get started, and that niching too soon is a mistake.

The Only Way To Get Clear Is To Stop Hiding Behind The Computer And Have Conversations.

If you feel like you need to wait for clarity in order to have enrollment conversations, you're trapped in a Catch-22. Because in reality you need to have those conversations in order to get clarity. Make sense?

Now, that's not to say that there isn't a strategic way to create those conversations with people who are more likely to invest in your coaching. There totally is.

And that's exactly what we're going to cover in my new program.

Because "coach your ass off" is not an actual strategy.

Just remember: nothing will work for you if you aren't willing to overcome your fear and failure and take action.

Right now you're probably stuck in information overwhelm. You've heard a lot of different things from a lot of different people and you've been trying to piece it all together.

But what you really need is a simple, focused plan to get your first three clients along with the personal support and accountability to actually make it work for you.


Introducing "3 In 30" — The Only Program That Helps You Get Clear While You get Clients


3 In 30 is a live training program designed specifically for new coaches who are ready to stop hiding and start taking action so they can get their first three paid clients in 30 days or less.

This is not for the faint of heart. There are no "implementation" weeks because every week is an implementation week. You will be expected to hit the ground running from Day 1 and keep running until you have reached your goal.

If that sounds too uncomfortable for you, do us both a favor and stop reading now. I'm not here to make you comfortable. I'm here to make you a successful coach.

This is what we're going to do together to achieve that:

Launch Your Free Conversation Challenge

The main strategy that we'll be using to get you clients is a free conversation challenge. This means that we'll be offering complimentary coaching conversations to your extended network as a way to start serving and enrolling potential clients.

As part of my preparation for this program, I surveyed 27 expert coaches about how they got their first three paid clients and over half of them used some sort of free session offer. Done right, this is the most effective tactic by far for getting to your first three clients.

But here's the deal: there's a right way to offer free conversations and a wrong way. So if you've already tried offering free coaching and it hasn't led to anything, that's not because the strategy doesn't work. We just need to get all the components right this time.

In this week's training you'll discover:

  • How to craft a compelling vision for your coaching business that will remind you why you got into this, re-energize you, and keep you motivated through the entire program
  • Why most free session offers fall flat (and the specifics of what you need to do differently in order to make this strategy work for your business)
  • The 3 Channels that make coaching easy to invest in (plus, how to choose one to focus on so that you can create a clear offer without choosing a super-narrow niche)
  • Where to put your free offer out even if you don't have an email list, deep personal network, or big social media following full of ideal clients
  • Why you don't even need a website right now (there's only one tool I'd recommend using to make things easier at this point of the program and it's available for free)

If you apply what you learn, you'll have a flood of requests coming in as soon as you send out your offer from people who want to work with you. This will allow you to practice your coaching skills and get in front of people are likely to invest in ongoing coaching.

Which takes us to Week 2...

Enroll Paying Clients With Total Confidence

Have you ever wondered what to do once you get on the phone with a potential client? You know you need to "work your magic" and "provide value", but you're not sure what that really means. You're not alone in this.

Selling coaching is a bit different than selling anything else. Most people in the world still aren't familiar with what it is and why they might want to pay for it. So the key to enrolling coaching clients is to genuinely serve them in the moment while illustrating the benefits of signing up for a longer term engagement.

This doesn't have to be complicated when you start out. But you do need to learn the basics.

In this week's training you'll discover:

  • Exactly what to do in the beginning, middle, and end of a free conversation so that you can just focus on being present in the moment and using your coaching skills
  • 5 specific questions to ask in your sessions that will help steer the conversation so that you never get stuck wondering what to do next (this is confusing for potential clients)
  • How to tell if the person you're talking to could be a good fit for ongoing, paid coaching (and exactly how to propose a package to them if you decide that they are a fit)
  • Your pricing "sweet spot" that will allow you to get more of the right clients without having to sacrifice your integrity, discount your services, or become paralyzed
  • How to get to a "yes" (including the exact tech tool I'd recommend to take payment) and what to do right after they've invested in your coaching (this is absolutely crucial)

If you apply what you learn, you'll have a good chance of getting your first one or two paid clients by the end of the week. It all depends how well you execute the framework we go over, how many people you talk to, and whether or not those people are hungry enough to invest in coaching.

Master Your New Entrepreneurial Mindset

As a coach, you know that no strategy will work for you without the right mindset.

It doesn't matter how much inner work you've done up to this point. Building a coaching business is a whole different animal. There are ways that you need to operate as an entrepreneur that will be new for you.

At this point in the program we'll want to establish a great foundation to support all of the conversations you're having and clients you're getting.

In this week's training you'll discover:

  • How to handle concerns from a potential client in a grounded way so that you can help that person make the decision that's best for them (I call this "enrollment judo")
  • How to overcome "Creative Avoidance" (this is like procrastination but based in fear and doubt) so that you can take focused action every day to move your business forward
  • Why opportunities to invite people to free conversations are everywhere if you use the right mental frame (and how to do it in a way that doesn't feel pushy...ever)
  • The 4 mini-rituals that will help you perform at your peak and show up ready for every call (don't miss the opportunity to get a client just because you had an off day)

If you apply what you learn, you'll be perfectly positioned to manage all of your competing priorities (including family, health, and any other jobs you have) while continuing to enroll clients who are a great fit for your coaching.

Create Your Personal Marketing Blueprint

At this point in the program you will have had the opportunity to speak to a lot of different potential clients, so you'll have significantly more information to work with. You'll know who you enjoy helping most, who really wants your help, and what you're best suited to help them with.

Armed with this information, we can start getting even more strategic about your marketing.

In this week's training you'll discover:

  • The best places for you to find new potential clients beyond the free session challenge (this blueprint will be based on your unique strengths and personality)
  • How to create or tweak your website so that it speaks to what you've learned about the specific person you're here to serve and the unique way you can help them
  • How to multiply the new clients you get right away so that you don't have to wait until they're done working with you in order to get awesome referrals and testimonials
  • Why you need an on-boarding process for new clients (including clear agreements) and what you may want to consider doing in the second session to ensure their success

If you apply what you learn, you'll be set up for lasting success. It's one thing to invest in something and have one good month in your business. It's quite another to leave with a custom game plan that integrates everything you've learned and leaves you feeling clear about how to repeat that success and serve your clients at a high level.


Our Month Together Will Include...

2 Live Calls Each Week (2).png



So, Will You Be Joining Us?

Let's be clear about what you're investing in HERE.

Because it's not just my program.

This is an investment in signing new clients, making more money, and finally getting your dream business off the ground. And doing it all in 30 days, not 3 years.

The alternative is to stay right where you are. But each month that goes by, you'll be missing out on the potential income and impact that you could be making in your coaching business.

Up until now, my least expensive group program was $5,000. And if you were to work with me privately to achieve this, the minimum investment would be considerably more.

The price of 3 In 30 will almost certainly go up for future rounds. But since this is a brand new offering, I wanted to give you a special incentive for being part of the first group.

Total Investment: $795*

*Remember that this is business deductible come tax time.


Here's What My Clients Have Accomplished:

"I was able to secure six new coaching clients! I would not have been able to do this without the tools and strategies I learned from Greg, along with the confidence I gained through his support."

My vision is more focused since I've been working with Greg. I have a greater understanding of who I am as a fitness trainer and coach, who I'm looking to serve, and what I'd like to help them accomplish. I'm finding my voice and, as a result, I can focus on finding my ideal clients and serve them in the best possible way.

-Robin Legat, Fitness Coach at (Los Angeles, California)

"As a result of my work with Greg I zeroed in on what to do, I secured two paying clients, I started a podcast and my momentum is building."

The best part of working with Greg is the challenges he gives. Working with Greg has helped me be a better coach and given me the gut check I need to decipher whether I’m working on the RIGHT things. Greg is good at asking the right questions at the right times. I would recommend him to entrepreneurs who are driven to be #1 and have the ability to invest.

-Nick Snapp, Productivity Strategist at (Tampa, Florida)

"I paid for the program with my new clients who signed up for 3 and 6 month programs with me."

"When I started working with Greg, I was looking for more clients. The first one or two sessions spoke right to me and my business. I was no longer nervous about the return on my investment and I knew the skills I was learning would pay off over time in many ways. I would recommend Greg to other coaches and entrepreneurs because he knows how personal a business can be and he encourages businesses to grow in such an authentic way. There is no loss of integrity in the business mission when growing and making more money. Perhaps even more integrity!!"

-Liz Traines, Holistic Health Coach at (Chicago, Illinois)

"Since working with Greg, I signed my first coaching clients. The investment I proposed to them was much higher than I would have been confident to ask for before we began working together."

"With Greg as my coach I was able to expand my high level vision of what The Business of Performing will be, while simultaneously focusing on the practical 'next step' actions that attracted my first paid clients."

-Matthew Carey, Founder at (Melbourne, Australia)

"As a result of working with Greg I recorded a video for the first time, refined my niche, updated my website, reached out to my lists, enrolled 2 new clients, had a new marketing message, and started putting together a new opt-in."

"Greg is really good at what he does! He’s caring but at the same time he challenges me to go outside of my comfort zone."

-Annie Huang, Relationship Coach at (Brisbane, Australia)


"I have signed 2 new clients and made $1,600 since I started working with Greg."

"He really helps coaches move forward in their business and create momentum. He really cares about his clients and wants them to succeed. Greg has a fantastic blend of super practical tips and tools that you can use as well as the deeper work around mindset and the inner game that really helps you break through. I will recommend him to any service provider I know who is looking to grow their business and get more clients."

-Samantha Thomas, Life Coach at (Sydney, Australia)


I Want You To Be Like Them.

I want you to set a cup of your favorite tea or coffee down on the kitchen table, open up your laptop, and see a calendar full of current and potential clients.

I want you to load up your PayPal account and see payments from people who have invested in working with you.

I want you to look down at your phone and see a text from one of your clients that just had a big breakthrough as a result of your coaching.

I want all of this for you. And I know it's possible because this is a normal morning for me. And it's a normal morning for my clients as well. The only question is, will it become your new normal?


This Program Isn't For Everyone

The first reason that it's not for everyone is because there are only 20 spots available total. But there are also a few eligibility requirements that I want you to know about...


  • Skilled coaches who provide a personal transformation in the lives of their clients
  • People who are coachable and understand the value of getting an outside perspective
  • People who haven't worked with more than three paid clients before


  • Coaches who aren't interested in making a difference and are only in it for the money
  • People who act like victims, make excuses, or don't have the time and energy right now
  • People who don't want to get their first three clients and make money as a coach

If this still feels like a fit for you, I'd love to have you be a part of 3 In 30. Just click the button below to secure your spot and we'll get started right away:

Enrollment For The Current Round Of 3 In 30 Is Now Closed


Frequently Asked Questions


"Will ThiS Be Worth It?"

Well, what is it worth for you to be the owner of a successful coaching business?

What is it worth for you to know that you get to wake up each day and make money by helping other people achieve their full potential?

Also worth considering: what is the cost of staying where you are? How much is it costing you each month to stay stuck thinking about what to do while trying to figure everything out yourself?

In very real financial terms, this program will allow you to charge $500+ per client, per month if you'd like. So if you're successful at getting three clients you will have doubled your original investment in the program after just the first month. And even if you decide to charge only a portion of that, or get two clients, the program will have more than paid for itself.

Otherwise, that's money that you'll be leaving on the table each month until you (hopefully) figure it out on your own.

"Will this Work For ME?"

Yes. If you take action like my past clients have, you will get similar results. If you don't take action, then nothing will work for you.

If you're wondering whether you're a good fit for the program, scroll back up and read the section on "Who This Is For" and "Who This Is Not For".

Assuming you meet that criteria, then this will work for you.

"Yeah, But What If It Doesn't?"

Then we'll both be very surprised.

That said: If by the end of the 30 days you feel you haven't gotten an excellent return on your investment, I'll happily give you a full refund.


All I ask is that you show up to every call and that you do all of the assignments on time. If you do that and still aren't satisfied, shoot me an email by the end of the last call and I'll get you sorted out right away.

"What If This Makes Things Worse?"

You can't have less than zero clients.

"What Will Others Think If They Hear I've Spent Money On This?"

Tell them that you found a very affordable sales and marketing training program that's going to pay for itself with the clients that you get from it.

I don't know who your friends and family are, but if they're decent people then they probably want to support the things that are important to you.

And this coaching business is important to you, right?

Part of being a coach is leading by example. If you don't invest in the your own growth and development, other people won't invest in you. You'll be out of integrity with your stated mission and values.

As a reference point, the top coach certification program costs over $10,000 right now and teaches you almost nothing about how to actually make that money back by getting clients. With that perspective, this should be a no brainer.

"I haven't done any coach certification yet. Should I wait to sign up until I do that?"

This is not a requirement for the program. In fact, I don't believe that certifications are essential if you want to succeed as a coach. The best way to get good in my opinion is to start working with paid clients.

That said, I do strongly recommend that you have go through some sort of training as a coach. Could be self-study or classroom style. If you don't get good at what you do, you're not going to keep clients for very long.

"When Are The Live Calls?"

I'm glad you asked. The training calls are Tuesdays at 4:30pm ET and the Q+A calls are the same time but on Thursdays. Each call lasts for 90 minutes and you'll get lots of opportunities to interact with me on video.

Plan on being at every call. It's not a huge deal if you have to miss a training call, since everything is recorded. But I would definitely recommend being on the Q+A calls if you want coaching.

"How Can I Get IN Touch With YOu If I have More Questions?"

Just send me an email at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you're running close to the enrollmentdeadline, you may not want to risk it.


Now It's Time To Make a Decision.

If you've gotten this far, it probably means that you're a good fit for my new program, 3 In 30. You have two options in front of you:

Option 1: Continue To sTruggle

I wouldn't recommend this one. It's a hard path and it's not a very fun.

Option 2: Join Us For 3 In 30

I'm obviously biased, but this is the one you should choose.


The Final Thing I Want You To Know

If you’re reading this now, you’re probably the type of person who believes in continuous growth and development.

You believe in unleashing the potential of yourself and others. And you understand that investing in yourself is a necessary part of that.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that the right program at this stage in your business can be a huge short-cut. I know it was for me. Any successful entrepreneur, in any industry, knows that you need to invest in your business upfront if you want to see any sort of return.

But here’s the thing...

Most of what you’re hearing out there is wrong. You don’t have to run Facebook ads or build funnels or create webinars. None of that is necessary right now. It’s just going to slow you down and cost you a lot of money.

As a new coach, the name of the game is momentum.

Whatever gets you moving in the right direction is your friend. Whatever slows you down is the enemy.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice your integrity in order to get clients and make money. And you also don’t have to wait years to build this business. But you do have to be willing to take action when you see something that can help you, even if taking action feels scary.

Because you’re an entrepreneur now.

And as an entrepreneur, you’re going to need to be decisive. If you wait until you're totally clear, until you’re 100% ready, then you’ll never get this thing off the ground.

I hate to see coaches feeling stuck, working on the wrong things. I know what it’s like to have so much potential to impact the world and to feel like you’re wasting it.

Join us in 3 In 30 and let me help you unleash that potential.

Grateful for you,